Have you been looking forward to finding solutions to uninstall the unwanted or unused apps that are taking up your disk space or actively running at startup or background, though you have thought the method of dragging it into Trash and then emptying it could have been removed completely? This how-to site has been created to delete any Mac app through the free manual method, via which you'll have to remove it by yourself, and the recommended ways by using third-party commercial tools to get rid of it completely with ease. All the paid Mac uninstallers are legit, hand-picked, and vetted by our staff by hands-on testing to remove more than 1,000 apps. To ensure that these uninstallers live up to our rating scores, we've spent countless hours in testing and write the app removal guides to help you through the removal process.

App Uninstaller

We'll be using the award-winning App Uninstaller for most of our tutorials. App Uninstaller is developed by AppUninstaller.com, is the most recognized brand in the industry, and is our editor's pick too. It is powerful, easy to use, lightweight, and affordable, with a one-time cost with a perpetual license, free updates and upgrades (new version every day without charges), and free technical support. Plus, it is safe to use without being worried about accidental deletion, unlike Mac cleaners which claim too much and fulfill a little, even causing more harm if they delete the files you need. App Uninstaller is the must-have app removal toolkit for your Mac devices.


UninstallService is another all-around Mac uninstaller that effectively uninstall Mac apps without any trace. It is the most user-friendly app removal you've ever have. Plus, at one purchase (the same pricing as App Uninstaller), you can owe both the Mac uninstaller and Windows uninstaller for a lifetime. If you've devices running on both macOS and Windows, it is recommended to use UninstallService.


MacRemover is the go-to Mac uninstaller if you want to use it on older Macs. It works on the oldest Mac OS X to the latest versions of macOS. MacRemover is the first Mac uninstaller released 10 years ago, and it is still updating and upgrading over the years. It completes the app removal job very well, though it takes some time to update the core to detect the newest released apps, largely due to the time-consuming testing effort to be compatible with older versions.